Communications Infrastructure Development

From conceptual design through to installation, testing and maintenance, CTSL provides turnkey communication technology solutions for Data, Voice and Video. Connecting people and information quickly keeps you competitive. That’s why CTSL leverages all major and emerging data, voice and video transport technologies to address your specific networking objectives and application requirements. CTSL specifies, procures and configures the cables, wires and other equipment necessary to power your network. We work with you to ensure that the network infrastructure is seamlessly integrated into your facility design.

CTSL offers voice and data cabling installation for computer networks, data centers, and VoIP phone systems. Having installed thousands of drops including cat5e, cat6, and cat6a, we are extremely capable of meeting your specifications on any size project, including voice and data cabling service for multi-floor and multi-site installations. CTSL is also well qualified in the installation of fiber optic cable, and is highly experienced in installations of multi-mode and single-mode fiber.

Additionally, we provide installations of RG6 and RG11 coax cabling for CATV or CCTV. The quality of CTSL’s voice and data cabling installations is second to none. We take great pride not only in giving our customers working systems, but ensuring a wiring installation that is both neat and clean. You can always count on us to deliver the best people, affordable installation, and unparalleled support.

Whether you’re updating an existing system, expanding your business, moving or remodeling, you can trust CTSL for all your data communications wiring design and installation needs.

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